ADVFN (2024)

10:49Oh Dear, sounds like we're screwed, maybe time for a trip down to the cut with mi lead boots??ADVFN (1)
09:22Farage will have NOTHING to do with the tory party


he has said very publicly many times that.............


no more to said. Spin all the theories you like. He is a "people person" and getting on with people is pre-eminent for him.

No, we are in for the usual labour party induced suffering but it wont be that bad because they are all so 4th rate that they are really incapable of doing anything good or bad.

And Nigel believes.... rightly..... that the only hope for Britain is a new party and also for things to get so bad that the sheep will finally wake up[ well some of them]

23:29Re Mordaunt, I hear you Mr. E and GG, but you have to consider Farage's end-game, which, in my view is to take control of the Tory Party.

The reality is that with his decision to stand at this election, the Right of centre vote is totally split, giving even more seats/power to Labour. Reform's hastily cobbled together, raggle-taggle band of pretenders will win few seats this time around, but Farage is very likely to secure Clacton, which will give him personally and politically much kudos and an even greater momentum to his following in Parliament.

With the certain ensuing Labour screw-up and inevitable vacuum on the Right after 4th July, like-minds will need to come together fast, even if they might not be a perfect ideological fit for purists. Mordaunt is a Brexiteer and that is a very good start, bearing in mind, also, that she is highly articulate and a popular face for the electorate - a logical/pragmatic bridge between old Tory and Reform.

Nigel will need many parts to his team if he is destined to succeed and he will definitely have to draw heavily upon the wide-spread talent/experience from the remnants of the Tory Party. I am sure Liz Truss will also have her second coming/redemption through him, as will other familiar faces like Rees-Mogg, Jenrick, Francois, Braverman et al. You never know, Boris may also be enticed into the fold, though I think his ego is far too big to ever play second-fiddle to Farage! All of that said, may the Reform leader ban for all eternity the treacherous Gove!

Anyway, interesting times ahead, once we've got past the excruciating Labour victory/Conservative annihilation, though perish the thought that Farage doesn't get in!

20:17Ask the Chinese. Didnt they give a few bob for it because it had lithium or opium or summat like thatADVFN (4)
17:46Someone once calculated after the 2nd WW - it was in a poem which Ive forgotten - dont think it was by GNR- it was around 1 victim per 1m bullets.ADVFN (5)
11:35Unfortunate to have to use hindsight, but then again, as solid evidence exits to say - it would have been wise lolADVFN (6)
ming da merciless
11:19Bank of England to take heart from positive surveys as markets wait on interest rate cutsADVFN (7)
ADVFN (2024)


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