LOLbeans Io - Play LOLbeans io on Fall Guys: A Fun Game for Everyone (2024)

about LOLbeans io

Do you like crowded places? People with the same interests as you are here and playing the fun LOLbeans io game. The goal is to get to the finish line first and get the crown.

Each level has many different obstacles. Race against the clock to pass them.
Each round will eliminate those who do not reach the finish line on time. So you need to move quickly. Defend yourself to pass the qualifiers, qualify for the final round. is the gathering place of all the cute and colorful beans.
The game is developed on multiple platforms.

See Also

Avoid dangerous pits and spikes
Pass by swimming or jumping
Where the city is crowded with hundreds of people jostling each other, you have to cleverly wriggle around.

How to play:
Use mouse to observe space không
Use A/W/D/S to move direction

LOLbeans Io - Play LOLbeans io on Fall Guys: A Fun Game for Everyone (2024)


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