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We developed real-time multiplayer games that you can play in your browser without downloading something or creating an account. You canplayhundreds of io gamesfor free online on has tried to complete a list of .io games and keep it update daily. We want you can play all io games just on one website, without losing time to find and switch.

.io gamestypically refer to real-time multiplayer browser games, which became popular with the release of In comparison to the smartphone and computer games of the day, it had basic gameplay and graphics.

Regardless, Agario attracted a large number of online players, making the game extremely popular. It spawned a slew of clones who pop up regularly. was the next majorly well-received io game. At that time, we have over 100 io games for play.

Why .io games bring an intense, multiplayer rush and have been viral? Features of io games:

  • Multiplayer and team play, with many online players in real-time, are loved by many people in io games.
  • Easy to play and start, with just a mouse click, you can join and have fun every time because the games usually have continuous gameplay.
  • There's no experience required to begin playing, meaning players can quickly get the hang of it. But despite this, the game is hard to be master - top the leaderboard!
  • Io games are free, the full game is available without extra payments, and you can play on your browser every time.

What are the most popular .io games? With the sheer number of .io games out there, it can be hard to figure out which ones are worth a shot, so we've collected a list of 10 of the best .io games out there.

Can I play io games?
Yes, of course. Anyone can join io games at any time. It can run on any device since it's a browser game, but you'll be mistaken. Since the game runs inside a browser, it heavily uses devices' resources. So on an old computer, the games might be laggy. To avoid those, you need not a very old computer and a high-speed network connection.

In Io Games, we will always try to do everything to make this a place that you can visit every day, join amazing io games, relax, and reduce stress.

Io Games (2024)


What does .io stand for in games? ›

Online gameplay is the thing that most io games are about. Aside from that, most of these games are built on the io domain extension, which stands for 'Indian Ocean. ' Since "Input/Output," a familiar term in computing, is shortened to "IO," this top-level domain extension is popular with software engineers.

What is the io game with fish? ›

Fish IO is the free IO game where you play as a shark with a sword. Join a fish multiplayer arena with beautiful but deadly tusks and hunt your prey while avoiding the blade of other players. Consume sushi for energy, gather fish heads like trophies, rule the sea, and you will be crowned king of the sea.

What game is io? ›

IO games are real-time online games you can play in your web browser for free. The most common theme among .io games is online multiplayer. Besides that, these games are mostly based on the domain extension .io, which stands for 'Indian Ocean.'

Is hole IO OK for kids? ›

App Overview

In terms of safety for kids, is generally considered safe for children to play. The game does not have any inappropriate content, and there is no chat feature that allows players to communicate with each other.

What are .IO websites? ›

. io is a country-code top-level domain name (ccTLD) for the Chagos Archipelago, assigned to the British Indian Ocean Territory (BIOT). However, it has become a generic domain and is popular in the tech world since IO or I/O means input/output in computer science.

What is the Minecraft IO game? › is a .io game that offers features similar to Minecraft, and much more. Players can gather resources, construct houses, build complex mechanisms, form alliances, and defend against nocturnal monsters and hostile players.

What is the IO game where you eat animals? › is a multiplayer . io game where you have to eat, evolve, and survive. Much like FlyOrDie, you survive by eating food and other animals. The more you eat, the more you evolve.

What is that one io game where you evolve? › is the multiplayer survival game previously known as You start as a small fly and level up as you eat more food. As you evolve, other players become part of your diet. Each level comes with a new special ability and more things to eat.

How to unbanned poki? ›

Method 1: Use a VPN
  1. First, select and install a reliable VPN service. Multiple choices are available, free and paid, so choose according to your needs.
  2. Open the VPN and connect to a server.
  3. Visit the Poki website while the VPN is connected. Any earlier restrictions should now be removed, giving you complete access.
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What is the oldest IO game? › was created by nineteen-year-old Brazilian developer Matheus Valadares, written in JavaScript and C++. Valadares shared an IP address to the game for playtesting on the 4chan video game board /v/ and game development forums, before releasing it on the domain on 28 April 2015.

Is safe? ›

In terms of safety for kids, is generally considered safe as long as certain precautions are taken.

What does the io stand for? ›

In computer science, "IO" or "I/O" is commonly used as an abbreviation for input/output, which makes the .

What does the io system stand for? ›

In computing, I/O (pronounced “eye-oh”) stands for input/output and describes any program, device or operation that transfers data to or from a computing system. In other words, I/O is the way we transfer data from the system to the user and vice versa.

What makes a game an io game? ›

Io games are a series of real-time multiplayer games of which the name ends in the domain extension “io”. The . io top-level domain (ccTLD) is originally the country code from the British Indian Ocean Territory, but was popularized for games by some of the initial hits in the . io games genre.

What does "io" mean in Roblox? ›

io stands for i nput/ o utput. It allows you to read files and such. In Roblox , you can't and don't need it.


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